Janeda Cabinets, LLC

About Our Company

Janeda Cabinets was founded in 1991 in Cranberry Township, PA.  Shortly thereafter, Janeda Cabinets relocated to Warrendale, PA, where it is still currently located.  It is a family owned and operated business, which has produced high quality wood work for businesses and households around the country.


Each cabinet is built of high quality materials by the master craftsman, Joe Janeda Jr.  He personally builds each cabinet in his workshop to ensure that they meet his strict quality standards.  We are certified to perform residential work by the state of Pennsylvania.

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Telephone: (724) 933-0250


E-mail: janedacabinets@gmail.com



349 Northgate Drive, Suite 200

Warrendale, PA 15086


Fax: (724) 772-0166


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